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Very Important People!

Three letters and a world of division

Three letters: a key to a fake ephemeral world


And some happy few happily crushing the rest of humanity


Very Ignorant People of the beauty of simplicity

Mind you Mr. VIP

Life is but a cycle

And letters can bear different symbols

How about

Very Impressive People

Very Intelligent People

Who perhaps are Very Indigent People

But still Very Indispensable People?

Would it be too much to ask you

Very Inclement People

To probe your souls in search for a humane spark for these

Very Ill-favoured People before they become Very Irritated People?

Some day perhaps

We shall discover the key to a precious treasure

By dropping two letters: V and I

And keeping  “P” for us people, just people

Hafsa Bekri-Lamrani

Casablanca, March 7, 2012

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