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When I was young
when I was three
away from home
they did send me
through human jungle
I did roam
till I was bitten
by treachery

I sat to think
and sort it out
when a strong voice
sang to me :

« Think hard
think well
think for me
think for them
think for money
think for fame
don’t think for yourself
it’s a dangerous game »

 Then I grew up
to be a girl
to be a woman
to be a pearl
they said hush down
and hide your body
symbol of sin
and perfidy

             I sat to think
and sort it out
when my soul sprang
and sang to me :

« Think hard
think well
think of love
think of fun
don’t think for money
don’t think for fame
think for yourself
it’s a beautiful game! »

March1, 1990



  Sparrow, sparrow
little sparrow
you chose my window
to build your nest
you chose my window
for a tranquil rest.

Your little ones
will come to life
your little ones
will fly away.
My children will grow
my children will go

Soon, too soon
Both our nests will
be empty

 Spring 1989



Airy Andalusian music

Oriental harmony in

Rugs and sofas

Dreamy clothes,

Reminiscence of

Past easiness and refinery

Elegant girls

Waving with languor

To the music

Dreams of yore

Luxury and beauty

Weaved into an untouched past

And suddenly she appears


Yes she! The little servant girl

Breaking up the ancient dream

Fashion show and she,

In ugly shapeless clothes

Of cheap gaudy curtain cloth,

Serving tea with humility

Fashion show and she

Jumped with surprise

When I smiled and thanked her

Fashion show

And suddenly the kaftans

Looked ugly to me

                                              January 1996, 15 Chabane 1416                                          


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