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Modern Nursery Rhyme for Adults

Eupro and Euso

Are two devouring


Probing the world

With a of myriad of tentacles.

Eupro is Euso’s father

And to his son

He taught good lessons!

He sailed the world over

Spreading terror

Among peoples

Taking their land and

Sucking their blood.

Little Euso grew big

Bigger than his father with

More tentacles

Some visible

Some hidden

Some disguised.

He took over his

Father’s plunder.

With new systems

And new machines

He sucked more blood

Euso grew bigger and bigger

And many a colored blood

He sucked

Slaves’ blood

Brain blood

Oil blood

He sucked and sucked from

All lands, all cultures.

Then Euso grew weaker and weaker

As he sniffed white powdered blood

To bury his conscience in the mud

With all that blood

Old and new

Eupro and Euso raised

Two Golden Palaces:

Eupra and Eusa ;

They locked themselves in

Still reaching out for more



Blood Givers teamed

In a hungry anarchy

or drowned into the sea

I wonder

Of Eupro,  Euso and,  blood givers

Who is locked

Who is free

In this vicious and destructive


Hafsa Bekri Lamrani

Casablanca, December 13, 2003

Or Chaoual 7 1423

Or any other time in

Any other calendar

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